Distinctive brand assets

In conjunction with verbal identity, your visual branding should reflect and reinforce your brand positioning, communicating through distinctive assets (or brand ‘codes’) who you are and what you stand for. 

A B2B visual identity agency will create brand design creative elements – typically including a logo or brandmark, colour, type and typography, imagery, iconography. Collectively as a system, and individually, these elements present a valuable opportunity to say something about your brand and be remembered.

Visual identities built on firm foundations

The strongest, most effective visual identities are grounded in a crystal clear understanding of what it is they need to express. Their creation is preceded by a brand definition stage focused on bringing absolute clarity to the brand’s positioning – what you want a customer to think of when they think of you. This is the strategic bedrock that underpins and gives direction to how the brand is expressed and brought to life. 

B2B visual agency work

Over the course of nearly three decades we have created hundreds of brand identities. Here are just a few examples from very different sectors, for more visit our work page: