Brand Identity for B2B Brands

Brand articulation: good stories, well told

With your positioning defined and your story clear, the challenge is to tell it well. Ideally so well that others will want to tell it too. 

This requires crafting your brand identity. The image your brand presents to the world. The verbal, visual, and experiential expression of who you are and what you stand for.

As a disciplined exercise in craft and problem solving, with the potential for transformational results, we’ve been creating game-changing brand identities for over 28 years, for organisations large and small, across all industries.

Increasing brand salience and building equity

A B2B brand identity agency has two primary goals – to help your brand be meaningful and memorable. Every brand asset represents an opportunity to reflect and reinforce what your brand stands for and why you are different, in turn making it easier for those with a need for what you offer to buy from you. 

In addition, numerous studies have demonstrated the commercial value of difference, whether in its ability to command a premium price, or simply drive brand value over time. 

What’s more, just being perceived as different is enough. So striving for ways to stand apart from your competitors and be instantly recognised as you, is key to successful branding.

Brand refresh, brand revitalisation, or a completely new brand, we’ll help you create a brand identity that both reflects your brand positioning and ensures your brand is remembered. So, when a prospective customer is ready to buy, it’s your brand that comes to mind.

Beyond verbal and visual identity

When most people think of brand identity the emphasis tends to be on how the brand looks, the visual branding, or the tone of voice as part of verbal branding. 

However, additional elements that play other senses, such as audio (sonic branding), or smell (scent branding) – think of the sound when Netflix starts up, or the experience of walking into a Lush store – are all opportunities to take brand expression to the next level in pursuit of building brand salience.