Branding and campaigns for tech companies

Competition in the technology and innovation space has never been so fierce. The pace of innovation and disruption may be record-breaking, but sustaining growth is tougher than ever.

The good news is that if you’re looking to develop sustainable competitive advantage, we can help.

As a leading technology and innovation services branding agency for ambitious and purposeful organisations, we’ve been recognised as B2B Marketing Agency of the Year at the prestigious Drum Recommends Awards and shortlisted in multiple other categories.

For 29 years we’ve been building meaningful brands, crafting distinctive identities, and delivering strategic campaigns that drive measurable returns for our clients.

Whether you’re a dynamic start-up, an organisation looking to scale quickly, or an industry veteran, we’d relish the prospect of doing the same for you.

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Good Stories, Better Told

In the fight for attention, salience and loyalty, when it comes to technology brands the right strategic foundation is what separates the winners from the thanks-for-comings.

First, we’ll help you define a compelling positioning and authentic narrative. One that goes beyond simply what you do and the pursuit of profit. Then we’ll create the verbal and visual assets that bring your story to life for your audience and cut through the market noise.

And that’s just the beginning. Every brand touch point, every experience, is an opportunity to reinforce and amplify what you stand for and why anyone should care.

We’ll craft insight-led campaigns and communications that sweat that opportunity, and ensure they contribute to building the value of your brand every time.

Brand definition

Work with us and you can be confident your brand is built on the most robust strategic bedrock.

The process starts with defining your brand; bringing crystal clarity to what you stand for and why it matters. Avoiding the common pitfall of product-centricity and focusing on customer value.

We’ll facilitate that journey, with a proven methodology honed over nearly three decades, guiding and challenging you towards a compelling, differentiated and authentic brand position. Establishing the basis for a brand story that will be both easy to understand and easy to articulate.

Brand discovery

A rigorous exercise in building understanding and gaining insight. Customer, competition, company, context – we leave no stone unturned.

Brand positioning

What do you want your customers to think when they think of you? The goal here is to bring absolute clarity to how you want your brand to be perceived.

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Brand articulation

With your positioning defined and your story clear, the challenge is to tell it well – so well, others will want to tell it too.

This requires crafting your brand identity. The image your brand presents to the world. The verbal, visual, and experiential expression of who you are and what you stand for.

As a disciplined exercise in craft and problem solving, with the potential for transformational results, we’ve been creating game-changing brand identities for ambitious tech organisations for the best part of nearly thirty years.

Verbal identity

What you say and how you say it is a huge and often overlooked opportunity to drive brand distinctiveness and build salience. We work with our clients to create brand languages that play as great a role in helping brands stand out as visual identity.

Visual identity

In conjunction with verbal identity, we’ll ensure your visual branding reflects and reinforces your brand positioning, communicating through distinctive assets (or brand ‘codes’) who you are and what you stand for.

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Brand amplification

From integrated external campaigns to one-off internal communications, all present an opportunity to build salience, trust and brand equity.

And yet few organisations truly recognise this – fewer still in the tech and innovation space, where a short-term tactical mindset is typically the norm. The key is balance.

We’ll make sure any customer experience fulfils not only its immediate marketing objectives, but also contributes to building long term brand value.

Campaign strategy & creative

Dramatising your solution to your customers’ problem in the most engaging and compelling way.

Integrated marketing communications

Insight-driven, joined-up activity, where effectiveness benefits from a multiplier-effect.

Employer branding

Attracting the best employees and making sure they want to stay.

Internal communications

Realising the full potential of all your people pulling in the same direction.

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mark-making* are more than just your generic everyday marketing agency; I would honestly recommend them as branding specialists. They take time to understand your business, pick it apart and work out how best to reassemble the building blocks into a coherent, relevant brand and work with you to develop the messaging that sells this brand to the markets you serve.

Wayne Stant
Clearview Intelligence

We were looking for an agency that could understand our business, take a lead with our brand development and completely re-write and transform our website, collateral, etc. mark-making* took the time to understand Preservica, our people, customers, and competitors. From there, they presented ideas that have transformed our positioning. For Preservica this was just the right level of brand-advisory and web-development we were looking for. Everyone we have met at mark-making* has been excellent, and our internal marketing team have enjoyed working with them.

Mike Quinn

Got questions? Here are a few we’re most frequently asked.

What kind of tech clients do you work with?

From disruptive start-ups and purposeful scale-ups, to established market-leaders, all our clients have one thing in common aside from ground-breaking products – a desire to make a positive difference as well as a return. If that sounds like you, then we’ll be a great fit.

What sort of budget will I need to see a return?

No two situations are the same. Our approach to brand building is based on a proven and robust methodology. Whilst the process is consistent, the inputs and deliverables may be flexed as necessary to meet different needs and objectives. Whatever stage your venture is at we can support you and we’re always happy to have an initial chat. And if we don’t think we can help, we’ll be sure to recommend alternatives.

How do I convince others in my organisation that we need to invest in brand?

That’s a common challenge. It’s still pretty rare for brand and marketing to have a seat at the top table, particularly in the early stages of the business lifecycle. But every category leader knows the value of consistently investing in brand building from day one. If you’re having trouble being heard internally, you’ll need to pull together a compelling business case. Our technology and innovation case studies are a great place to start and we’re always happy to help directly too. We often find the support of an external voice is enough to pique leadership interest and create an appetite for brand development.

How is mark-making* different from other agencies?

Our clients tell us that what makes us different as a technology and innovation branding agency is a combination of our expertise and our culture. We’re the best at what we do and our goal is always to add value. We also recognise the day-to-day stresses our clients are often under, so our focus isn’t just on producing effective work – making our clients’ lives easy is something we’re proud to be known for too. Simply listening more than talking, and caring deeply about what we deliver, goes a surprisingly long way. And probably explains the exceptional longevity we have in our client relationships, some now spanning over 20 years.