Rubbish presents…unwrapped!

Let’s face it. 2023’s been tough. So this Christmas, we give in. And we’re inviting you to join us. 

Instead of striving for it to be The Most Wonderful…anything, we’re going all out to celebrate the small, and slightly rubbish, things about Christmas that bring us joy – including Christmas presents!

You can read more about why we’re celebrating a rubbish Christmas by reading the blog, here.

Ever been given a truly awful Christmas present?

Yep! Us, too. And in keeping with our celebration of all things a little bit rubbish this year, we thought we’d ask our team for their stories of gift howlers and how strong their “thank you” game was in return.

It’s given all of us at mm* towers a fair few giggles as we’ve heard these tales of woe and wonder, and we hope they do the same for you! Please note, some names have been changed for the sake of family harmony.

Anna Glynn, Copywriter

One Christmas at my in-laws, I was handed a beautifully wrapped square present, which revealed itself to be…a box of Sainsbury’s dates. “Oh” I said, “Thank you. We love dates. In fact, there’s a recipe I’ve been wanting to make that calls for dates. That’s so kind. Thank you so much.”

Ten minutes later, in front of everybody, another relative handed me another beautifully wrapped square present, which turned out to be…another box of Sainsbury’s dates.

Had to double down on the thanks and delight. Mega awks. And I never did get around to making that yummy, date-filled recipe.

Nicola Edginton, Creative Director

One year, my Nan bought all the female members of the family a female face razor. We weren’t sure what to take from it and all left feeling around our chins. I think my Nan’s words were “You’ll need that when you get a bit older”. She wasn’t wrong! I was, however, only 22 at the time.

Megan Williams, Senior Designer

Last year, I was given a truly rubbish gift…that I loved. It was a crate of tins of Jolly Green Giant sweetcorn. Perfect for me, as I’m a sweetcorn snob and they’re far too expensive now. This builds on a brilliantly rubbish birthday gift I once received – a sack of 800,000 used postage stamps. But that’s a story for another time…

David Souch, Art Director

The worst Christmas gift I ever received was undoubtedly the ‘Jock and Jenny’ – a wooden outdoor seat (for anyone unaware of such delights). Picture me, in the midst of moving into our new house, surrounded by boxes and with minimal indoor furniture. As I unwrapped the mysterious package, I discovered this impractical, unassembled wooden seat – a cruel twist when we couldn’t yet afford a sofa. Not only did the gift offer no immediate comfort or use, but the prospect of assembling it in the freezing cold added an extra layer of rubbishness.

Russ Holt, Head of Production

A tape measure. I got two in the same year. I didn’t even remember asking for one.

Mike Watson, Creative Director

Astronaut space food. Massively rubbish!

Steve Turner, Co-founder

My Cleveland Brown Christmas jumper. My friend bought it for me and I wasn’t expecting it. It is a glorious celebration of all things naff and polyester – and very orange!

Laura Carter, Senior Account Manager

A 5-pack of massive Granny pants from my Great Aunt when I was five. Saggy. Ugly. (I’m talking about the pants, obviously). In all my excited imaginings about what I might receive on Christmas morning it wasn’t…that.

Em Bridger, Designer

Socks. Any socks. Gorgeously fresh, cosy, very welcome for me in particular with my frozen toes…and utterly devoid of imagination, inspiration or exorbitant cost. Blimmin’ brilliant.

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Any support you can offer will help make a real difference to the people who need it most. To donate £5 text the word RUBBISH to 70050 or choose an amount to give on our fundraising page:

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