Yippee-Ki-Yay…it’s time for the mm* rubbish Christmas film traditions

Let’s face it. 2023’s been tough. So this Christmas, we give in. Instead of striving for it to be The Most Wonderful…anything, we’re going all out to celebrate the small, and slightly rubbish, things about Christmas that bring us joy – including Christmas films!

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Which Christmas films do you watch every year without fail…even if they’re just a little bit rubbish?

We asked our team about the movies that are unmissable for them at Yuletide…and their responses were remarkably diverse, and occasionally surprising (ahem…Die Hard, anyone?).

It’s safe to say, we found out a little bit more about our teammates by asking this simple question, and you can, too. Take a look and find out more about the weird and wonderful classic celluloid that our team can’t do without, and see if your favourite flick makes an appearance.

Em Bridger, Designer

The Muppet Christmas Carol! Every time.

Megan Wiliams, Senior Designer

Die Hard (not rubbish), The Rock (not festive) and the BBC’s 1995 Pride and Prejudice (not a film) are all standard Christmas viewing in our house. Though I actually haven’t seen many classic festive films (stop trying to make me watch Home Alone!!) I do guiltily enjoy a terrible Christmas romcom…

Anna Glynn, Copywriter

Some may argue that this is not a Christmas film…but they’re wrong! When Harry Met Sally is my go-to every year as I wrap presents. It’s the perfect festive movie. New York. Snow. Interjections from hilarious old people. And a relationship that evolves across Christmases and New Years…and then they fall in love. If you know, you know.

Laura Carter, Senior Account Manager

Anything on Channel 5, the really cheesy awful ones.

Rich Canueto-Cook, Account Director

I’m an absolute sucker for Jingle All The Way. It’s rubbish, yet so good at the same time! What more could you want than Arnie running around chasing down action figures, ready for the big day?!

David Souch, Art Director

While some may dispute the existence of ‘rubbish’ Christmas films, the undeniable truth is that “Home Alone” stands as the ultimate Christmas classic, earning a permanent top spot in my holiday film list. Its timeless charm, infectious humour, and heartwarming storyline make it my go-to throughout the festive season.

Steve Turner, Co-Founder

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. Brilliant!

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