Russ Holt

Head of Production

Russ Holt

What do you do?

I look after artwork at mark-making* – pretty much all non-web-based output comes through artwork before we send it off to print, out into the big bad world. I develop and mentor the other mark-makers that report in to me. With my Studio Manager hat on, I’m responsible for the smooth running of studio IT and equipment. I set up new mark-makers with all the tech they need, manage servers and back-ups and practice printer-whispering. Fun fact: I’m also a Fire Marshal and a First Aid Officer.

When might our paths cross?

You’re most likely to meet or hear from me in the final stages of a print job, when we’re preparing files for print, making sure they are error-free. We might also meet in client training sessions. I work with everyone in some shape or form, but mostly with artworker Dan.

What’s your favourite bit about working here?

Environment; generous employers; colleagues; freedom.

And when you’re not mark-making*?

On Saturdays, you’ll find me on the under-8 football touchline (as a dad), or at a Park Run. During the week, it’s a toss-up: either art class or Cubs.

01608 649 607

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