Sock full of (silly) ideas

So, we’ve been a bit sock mad recently. But then there’s good reason to be – socks are pretty darn awesome. To prove it we’ve been investigating all things socks and thrown ourselves into a variety of sock-related activities feet first…

There’s been a strange upsurge in sock-related incidents in the Cotswolds lately…

Wanted sock

Have you seen this sock? We’ve recently had a number of reported sightings in Chipping Norton, but we’re appealing for more information.

Missing sock

Sock and horror! A sock in the area has gone missing. Whilst not an unusual occurrence, this sock’s pair is beside themself. If you have any information on the whereabouts of this sock, please let us know at

Lonely soles

And whilst we’re talking about toe-togs being on their lone-sock, check out these interesting entries in the Lonely Soles Column this week…

Can you help these odd singletons find their perfect pair this Christmas and live sockily every after?

Sock mindfulness

Christmas is a wonderful time of year, but things can get just a little stressful: planning “the perfect Christmas” (which apparently, includes buying a new three-piece suite, a new tv, new crockery and redecorating the house), remembering to send Christmas cards to everyone from your own family members (who would be insulted if you didn’t send them a card, despite the fact you’ll see them over the festive period) to your hairdresser’s son’s dog, thinking of a present to buy for the person who seems to have everything, and not forgetting to get in all the foodstuff people have specifically requested – or risk forever hearing about how you ruined so-and-so’s Christmas by forgetting the Twiglets.

So it’s VERY important to take a little time out for yourself to relax. And we thought what better way to do that then colouring?

There are many benefits to colouring including:

  • Stress relief
  • Exercising your mind
  • Your brain experiences relief by entering a meditative state
  • Thought swapping – replace patterns of negative thinking
  • Focusing on the present helps you achieve mindfulness
  • Giving yourself a break from technology through a creative outlet

And in line with our celebration of toe-togs, mindfulness meets socks with our colouring challenge. So pick up your pencils, put your feet up and relax with these selections from our sock draw-er. Share your favourite moments of #socktherapy by tagging us @givesocksachance

There’s also the added benefit that you could even use our patterned design as socktacular wrapping paper. So you can further justify taking some time out to colour because, actually, you’re productively working towards completing the wrapping marathon.

Getting into the Sockmas spirit

Expect sock and awe with these fabulous decorations. As an alternative to the traditional Christmas decorations, we’ve got a socktastic suggestion for you…

Christmas bunting! Whether it’s beautifully upcycled, coloured in (#socktherapy) or super sparkly, we’ve got bunting that will really make you stand out.

Doesn’t it look toe-tally amazing? So what are you waiting for? Grab some string and clothes pegs and get decorating!

You could even make some bunting out of those lone socks that have been sitting in the odd sock pile without a partner.


With so many toe-togs disappearing and many being left on their lone-sock. We were very interested to come across some research into the mystery of the lost sock …

A study by Samsung has revealed that the average person loses around 1,264 socks each over a lifetime, costing the average Brit £2,528.

Psychologist Dr Simon Moore and leading statistician Dr Geoff Ellis led the research and developed a lost sock formula (see the image below) in an attempt to explain the mystery of the missing sock (or at least offer a logical perspective on the matter). If you’re interested in reading the full sock study, check it out here.

Whilst this research gives some indication of why socks get lost, we’re not convinced this has solved the mystery. And we don’t think the case of the missing sock will be solved any time soon so…

We’re spinning it into fashion

Given that lost socks are costing the average person around £31 a year, we think that it’s high time everyone embraced odd socks as the true fashion statement they are.

Not only does it save you wasting money buying new pairs for the sake of forgoing that odd-sock look, but it also saves time on sock-sorting: no more time wasted finding the right match, just pair it with any old sock.

It also means that when a sock’s pair goes missing, as it inevitably will, you’re not leaving a perfectly good ‘un on it’s own. And let’s be honest, it’s a completely underrated look.

So, go forth and embrace the odd.

Head over to @givesocksachance for more sock-related activity.

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