Mike Watson

Creative Director

Mike Watson

What do you do?

The juicy part of my job is overseeing the agency’s campaign creative – ensuring that our conceptual thinking’s bang on, our words are on the money and our pictures are hard to ignore.

Before I get to this bit though, I work with the wider mm* team to help steer our creative briefs and make sure we’re always doing work that puts the people we’re talking to first.

When might our paths cross?

At any (or every) key stage of a creative project.

We could be having an initial chinwag about what the task at hand might be. We could be embroiled in a good-old-fashioned lively debate around first ideas. Or you could be sat back with a cuppa staring at me intently, as I theatrically arm-wave my way through your final creative presentation.

What’s your favourite bit about working here?

The people. And I genuinely mean that. Right from day one, all I’ve ever experienced has been wall-to-wall talent, passion and loveliness. A lot of agencies talk a good game when it comes to putting its people first, but mm* really does walk the walk.

And when you’re not mark-making*?

I’m usually knee-deep in Dad (and husband) mode. Weekend mornings are spent on the soggy sidelines of footy fields, being largely ignored by aspiring six-year-olds. Back at home, I like to splurge colossal amounts of money on posh ingredients, before using them to create hugely underwhelming food. And on the odd occasion I’m blessed with some ‘me’ time, I head off to the promised land of the Lake District, for a soul-nourishing spot of camping and Wainwright-bagging.


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