Laura Carter

Senior Account Manager

Laura Carter

What do you do?

I tend to describe it as the conductor of the orchestra, we make sure that everyone starts on the same page, keeps to the time and starts playing when they should. Turning between the audiences (our clients) and the musicians (our internal team). And overall ensuring the best experience we can so that ultimately, the audience think we’re great and they keep coming back.

When might our paths cross?

I’m omnipresent ;-) I’ll be there from the very first briefing to the last deliverable out the door.

What’s your favourite bit about working here?

The team here are amazing, they’re so friendly and welcoming. Everyone just gets involved and gets the job done.

And when you’re not mark-making*?

I like to vary it up, it might just be staying in having a quiet weekend watching films or catching up with my friends and family – as long as there’s something sparkling in my glass.

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