Hinds Chilli Sauce packaging design

Chilli Sauce idea final

Andrew Hinds* is a real connoisseur of chilli sauce. When this culinary passion coincided with the opportunity to set up a not-for-profit venture, he asked mark-making* to lend a hand by creating the label design for a new brand of scotch bonnet sauce.

We began by creating mood boards, as a discussion tool to highlight various visual themes that are prevalent in this type of food packaging. This exercise allowed us to focus on four themes that helped steer visual directions for our initial concepts.


Old-fashioned, medicinal-looking labels, as found on premium and heritage cocktail spirits. Good potential for variations, different numbers or strengths.
Chilli mood board medicine


The hotness of the sauce and the ‘risk factor’ of its consumption are prominently featured. The overall feel is less specialist, and lower-end.
Chilli mood board humour


Personality expressed through colour and type style, often creates a contemporary, non fussy feel in its simple execution
Chilli mood board type

Type & Image

Images and graphics are used to support products, the overall look is more mainstream and less home made. It provides a good opportunity to add personality and suggest usage ideas.
Chilli mood board type image

“In a cheeky nod to certain famous purveyors of fine condiments, Andrew expressed his wish to feature his own surname ‘Hinds’ on the label.”

The initial concepts were widely varied in style and execution from simple typography, type-as-imagery, and medicine-style labels, right the way through to illustrative drawings.

Chilli Sauce idea cartoon

Chilli Sauce idea type

Chilli Sauce idea type as image

Chilli Sauce ideas medicine

Andrew’s chosen route was the one that he felt reflected his personality as a chilli sauce connoisseur. This design is simple with vintage styling and typography, and subtle decorative motifs inspired by chilli plants and flames. It features a red and black colour scheme, with a warning scroll that reads: ‘seriously hot’.

Chilli Sauce idea final

*Andrew is the director of jewellers and long term mark-making* client F.Hinds.