A Mini Product Finder for Nationwide

Continuously striving to support the broker market, Nationwide for Intermediaries (NFI) is committed to providing brokers with the tools they need for the job.

By utilizing NFI’s online advertising presence, we helped them achieve this with the development of the ‘Mini Product Finder’, allowing Intermediaries to instantly access and search the latest product ranges without moving away from the site they’re currently viewing.

The 300 x 600 banner was marked up with HTML. Embedded within the HTML is a promotional Flash banner, which not only gives visual interest but ensures key promotional messages can be communicated and linked to current campaign activity. All of this while still remaining an invaluable tool to brokers.

This functional approach to interactive online advertising was well received, gaining NFI the highest lender consideration rating they had ever received for an online advert.

Due to the success of the concept, it has now been rolled out across Nationwide for Intermediaries sister brand The Mortgage Works.