#mm20th Tough Mudder – Judgement Day

So there we were, trudging towards the start line like Aragorn, Leagolas and co. heading to battle in Middle Earth, or something equally badass. (I’d love to know who’s meant to be which! – Ed.)

02 Team mm* before the start

(Team from L-R: Ali Williams, Alex Shortt, Will Foley, Mark Bonner, Richard Dukes, David Souch, Steve Turner)

We’d awoken in the early hours of Sunday morning to make our way down to Boughton House in the scenic Northamptonshire countryside, and were desperately trying to psyche ourselves up for the 12 mile mud challenge. Being a Mudder Veteran, I made it my responsibility to try and motivate everyone: being in the right mind set is critical. Pumped up music and the growing atmosphere added to the event, and by 09:00 we were ready to go.

I’ll let the pictures do the talking. In short, we’ve grown a bond that can’t be broken, and everyone survived what was a great team building experience. In fact, a few of us have already signed up for next year!

(Huge thanks to Designer Director Nic Edginton for being our photographer for the day.)

01 Ali pinning his number on03 George spectating04 Taking a dip05 David's still cheerful after his swim09 In between obstacles10 Monkeying around...06 Don't fall in07 Almost there!08 Made it to the top11 Electric shiock - beware!12 Triumphant Mudders


If you enjoyed that taster, you can see even more shots over on our Facebook page!

By Richard Dukes

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