Webinar: B2B and the pursuit of Brand Magnetism

How to increase appeal, loyalty, trust and resilience this year and beyond

The live event has been and gone, and a big thank you to all those who attended.

If you missed it, the webinar is now available to watch on-demand.

‘Magnetic Brands’ is a new and practical way of looking at what makes some businesses consistently outperform others. It’s purpose is to help marketers and business leaders understand how to create stronger and sustainable appeal, build loyalty, trust and resilience, and ultimately achieve greater business success.

It’s inspired by the idea that highly successful brands share common traits that are also present in people that might typically be described as having magnetic personalities. They are human qualities and behaviours that have nothing to do with what the business does, just as with people they have little to do with an individual’s occupation.

These traits, or Cornerstones of Brand Magnetism as we call them, are becoming increasingly critical for businesses looking to thrive over the long term. The good news is they can all be practiced, developed and improved. Which means any brand has the potential to become magnetic. And we can show you how.

Grab a coffee and enjoy the webinar.

About Alastair

Founder and Creative Director

Ali co-founded mark-making* in 1995 after graduating from Lancaster University in Marketing & Visual Arts. Ali works closely with our clients to help bring clarity to their story, and oversees the wider mm* team to ensure it’s expressed effectively, with authenticity and coherence. Ali regularly speaks on the concept of Magnetic Brands, an approach to creating and building brands that embraces the power of being more human, in pursuit of both profit and positive impact. Ali leads mark-making’s work in helping ambitious organisations of all shapes and sizes build extraordinary and enduring appeal.