Website refresh for Oxford Agricultural Trials

The original website for Oxford Agricultural Trials (OAT), an independent field trials company, was built by mark-making* over six years ago. While various ad hoc content updates have been made over the years, the site found itself at a point where a significant amount of content was out of date.

In light of the minimal changes that had also been made to the brand and subsequently website, it was felt that the website could do with a refresh to update its look and feel, while keeping the existing site structure intact.

The elements that were felt in most need of addressing were the:

  • Typography and weighting
  • Colour palette
  • Promotional space and key messaging
  • Use of existing imagery

The refresh

By using improved line spacing, the text on the site was immediately easier to read, allowing the content to utilise a greater space.

The colour palette present within the current OAT logo was introduced throughout the site, with a brighter green used for elements such as headings, the navigation, tables, and the UK regional map.

The masthead imagery was updated, and feature/benefit messaging was placed across the site to reinforce OAT’s key values.