Travelers Europe

Launching a brand new proposition for Travelers Schemes

New to the niche world of insurance schemes, Travelers had to convince brokers that it could support their most entrepreneurial customers by insuring their ambition better than any rival.

The challenge

An established presence in the world of insurance underwriting, Travelers Europe offers a broad range of property, liability and professional indemnity insurance & risk solutions, carefully designed to meet the needs of today’s businesses.

In early 2021, the brand decided to head into the previously unchartered waters of schemes – packaged insurance products for niche professions that often struggle to find bespoke cover on the open market.

mark-making* was briefed to develop a broker-facing campaign that would raise awareness of this new offering, and drive broker leads off the back of it.

However, there were obstacles to overcome if the campaign was to be effective.

Travelers had little to no profile as a schemes insurer – and with a limited track record in this arena, credibility and trust were significant barriers. Despite Travelers’ strong reputation, its reach was limited – with low brand awareness compared to its competitors. Finally, although the Travelers Schemes offering placed the brand firmly alongside its peers, there was no standout USP to focus on.

The campaign was going to have to work incredibly hard, if it was going to work at all.

The solution

Using a balance of high-visibility opportunities, cost-effective ad placements and low-or-no-cost opportunities, the aim was to give Travelers a consistent presence with brokers interested in schemes.

To maximise effectiveness, the campaign was rolled out in two phases:

Awareness: Mindful of a limited budget and a home-based workforce, activity was focused in the digital channels, booking high-impact formats on Insurance Times and Insurance Age. We ran other digital ads here, too, testing formats, messaging and contextual targeting to find the best ways of reaching our audience.

Lead generation: An evolution of phase-one messaging shifted our audience from a state of awareness to consideration. We used many of the same media/channels as phase one – but this time augmented by some functional, sales-focused collateral.

Just as the media strategy had two phases, so did the creative work.

Phase one established key campaign messages, with phase two building on this by focusing on individual sectors – from artisan bakers to boat-builders to vets and beyond.

The developed core creative platform of Inspired by you, insured by us’ perfectly encapsulated the need state of our audience, who were looking to add their own value for schemes customers through their specialist knowledge. It also captured the collaborative partnership they sought from their insurer.

Visually, the creative concept celebrated the diverse stories, and people, behind the schemes. Ticker-tape thumbnails of different types of schemes customers demonstrated the breath and possibilities within the Schemes offering. A deep blue from the brand’s secondary palette gave Schemes standout from other Travelers activity. While a distinctive, linear style gave the campaign an ownable design language. 

Finally, Travelers Schemes had an identity it could shout about. And its audience listened

The results

Through an insight-driven test & learn strategy, a phased multichannel media approach and distinctive, single-minded creative, the campaign worked beautifully.

The Travelers Schemes profile was successfully built among well-established players, laying strong foundations for long-term growth in a valuable market.

Over 150% of desired leads were generated, driving a 1216% return on investment.

All of this was achieved by September 2021 – a quarter ahead of expectation.

And better still, it was done using only 88% of the total campaign budget.

The team at mark-making* helped to bring clarity and creativity to our Travelers Schemes proposition. By positioning Travelers as an empowering force for entrepreneurial brokers and their customers, they brought our ‘Insuring Ambition’ brand promise to life, and developed a unique campaign that stands apart from the competition. The launch has been a huge success. The inspiring message of the campaign not only galvanised and energised the team internally, but drove exceptional results that speak for themselves, exceeding marketing KPIs a whole quarter earlier than expected!

Gabrielle Pennington Marketing Consultant Travelers Europe