Pepper Money

Making life easier – and customers happier – for brokers with specialist mortgage cases

In a highly challenging environment for brokers, Pepper remained determined to help them succeed. An enhanced proposition would give them the reassurance they were looking for. It had to be communicated clearly and compellingly.

The challenge

The mortgage climate has rarely been tougher, both for the customers who need one and the intermediaries trying to place them. Despite that, and even throughout the pandemic, Pepper has doubled down on its commitment to help more people find their place, make their way and achieve their goals.

When it comes to financial services branding, The brand was offering clear improvements in its criteria, rates, service and support, as well as a more human approach to lending. It now needed to encapsulate this enhanced proposition in a campaign to its network of brokers, who were desperate for support but often unable to find it among high street lenders. The message had to be clear and bold if it was to change behaviour and give more brokers the confidence to place their business with Pepper.

The solution

With all the positive changes to its offering, it was clear that brokers would be ‘Better with Pepper’ when it came to supporting clients with complex stories and specialist cases. In fact, with this one simple statement, we could not only capture the faith that the business had in its own products and service but also underline its established commitment to being the easiest lender to work with.

‘Better with Pepper’ became the headline message across a suite of campaign materials, including targeted emails, trade press, dedicated web pages, social posts and even a new ‘Moneyfesto’, which set out all of Pepper’s pledges to make brokers’ lives easier. The new work also represented a design evolution for the brand, moving away from its illustrated style to a more powerful photographic approach that moved brokers’ clients – and the prospect of their happiness – front and centre.


The results

The ‘Better with Pepper’ campaign has been exceptionally well received and continues to grow broker confidence. The launch of the campaign coincided with the most challenging 12 months the economy has seen in recent years. However, despite these challenges Pepper has seen its TrustPilot score from a 2.3 to 4.6. And with comments like ‘Extremely impressed every single time’ and ‘One of the best lenders to deal with’, the team are taking ‘Better with Pepper’ forward with conviction.

The team at Mark-Making* delivered a clear and concise campaign and the “Better with Pepper” articulation encapsulates the way we want to talk to brokers, remaining flexible enough to work across an array of comms and channels, positioning us as a broad specialist lender.

Phil Green Head of Marketing at Pepper Money