New marketing collateral for SBRI

TSBsbri_02_900   TSBsbri_03_900   TSBsbri_01

SBRI works with innovative small businesses to develop ideas to solve government department challenges. Mark-making’s* task was to create a new identity and literature to help clarify the SBRI offering and generate more awareness and interest in the programme.

To date the new identity has been rolled out on brochures and exhibition banners and we are in the process of developing corporate guidelines.

“mark-making* were excellent at understanding our requirements and working with the whole team to bring the SBRI logo development to fruition. There were many influencing factors and differing points of view, they listened to all the input and expertly guided the development to a result that we are all really pleased with. The logo is now an important part of the identity of the programme and further development of its application on brochures and other materials is starting to drive a strong brand for SBRI.” – Michael Mackay-Lewis, SBRI Development Manager (SMEs), Technology Strategy Board