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LV= Little Book of Protection

Multi-award-winning engagement

B2B campaign delivers record results, and scoops top award honours to prove that when it comes to creative communications size really doesn’t matter.

The challenge

To support growth ambitions, our brief from LV= was to create something BDMs could use to engage advisers, and be a tool for them in turn to engage their clients. The Little Book of Protection (LBOP) had proved effective in the past. The pressure was on for the latest incarnation to work even harder.

The LBOP content is a mix of LV= product information and sobering statistics relating to health, lifestyle and finance. The design challenge was to present this information, much of it quite depressing, in a digestible, palatable and appealing way.

The solution

The solution takes inspiration from the classic split-page children’s books. This childhood association immediately makes the sombre subject matter softer and more accessible. At the same time, the mechanics of the split-page design are ideally suited to the stats-heavy content.

The split-page format also enables the LV= specific facts and product information to be mixed up more effectively amongst the general health, lifestyle and financial statistics. As a result the LBOP feels less like an overt piece of sales promotion.

Well-shot lifestyle photography also helps lift the content and set a more positive tone, whilst the use of iconography injects life into the facts and statistics presented.

mark-making* apply their knowledge and experience (with oodles of creative flair) to innovate, solve, improve and generate exciting and award-winning designs… and that’s not easy to do in financial services!

Liz Sands Marketing Controller for Income Protection – LV=

The results

Within seven hours of the LBOP being promoted on the LV= website and via email, all 3000 initial copies were ordered. By comparison, the stock of the previous year’s design took six months to run out. During the first week alone, an average of a further 600 books were ordered each day. With the books disappearing so quickly, an immediate reprint of additional 5000 copies was requested.

The work won the Financial and Insurance category at the 2011 Marketing Design Awards and the Business Campaign of the Year at the 2012 Money Marketing Awards.

The response to the LBOP has been phenomenal. We’re having unexpected requests for copies from internal teams and even corporate partners. We’ve had orders from advisers who know their books won’t be with them until the next batch have been produced, but they’re still badgering us for a delivery date.

Liz Sands Marketing Controller for Income Protection – LV=