Keeping-up broker attention for Aldermore: Summer campaign 2014

Aldermore - World Cup game screen shot 2 Aldermore bank is always looking for ways to engage with brokers, to stay front-of-mind and to leave reminders about their products. For Summer 2014, they asked mark-making* to create a broker-facing campaign centred around the football World Cup.

mark-making* proposed a game, complete with leader board, and an accompanying email campaign riding on the coat tails of the latest World Cup news. This idea played to the competitive natures of our broker audience, and harnessed the potential of the ubiquitous World Cup hype to Aldermore’s advantage.

The emails went out over the several weeks of the World Cup, with one teaser at the beginning to build anticipation and get the word out. Aldermore - World Cup email scamp Aldermore - World Cup email iPads The Aldermore Keepy Uppy Challenge 2014 was a simple, out-of-the-box flash keepy-uppy game for which we designed a custom skin. Every detail was considered carefully with Aldermore brand guidelines in mind, from the grass, to the crowd, to the appearance of the football itself. The game featured a football-playing character, too, who started life wearing Aldermore colours. The character’s shirt strip changed after the final, to reflect Germany’s victory. Aldermore - World Cup goal sketch Aldermore - World Cup game storyboard The leader board featured the top 10 highest scores, and was sharable, so that brokers could challenge other players via email. The content of the emails was also influenced by real events; it changed to reflect wins, losses, and other occurrences (think Suarez) throughout the competition. The highest-scoring one or two players were mentioned by name in each weekly email, to encourage brokers to play more and rise up the ranks. Aldermore - World Cup game screen shots Aldermore - World Cup game screenshot 1 After gameplay had closed, it was revealed that the player with the highest score was the winner of an iPad mini. This announcement was held back for two reasons. Firstly, to see how much gameplay would occur with no incentive but beating rival players, and also to avoid giving greedy players a reason to try and hack the game.

Over five weeks, the page was visited over 13,000 times, at an average of 259 visits per day. The Aldermore team were really happy, and plans are already in place for the next broker-facing campaign.

5 weeks

13,000 visits

average 259 visits per day