London campaign

Integrated outdoor campaign to drive traffic to, the UK’s number one website for holiday homes worldwide. The campaign media included black-cab livery, receipts, seat backs and tube card advertising.

At a time of year when many people are dreaming of sunshine and warmth, how do you make the idea of a holiday home rental stand out above the typical hotel-based break?

To create maximum cut-through we looked to exploit the media context to its fullest. With a simple message that included part of the brand name, ‘Letting you escape the rat race’, the campaign creative focused on contrasting imagery – tanned, relaxed individuals on beautiful, sunny beaches, set against a real life backdrop of dreary midwinter London. The twist came with the strategic placement of the models in the imagery, such their toned and bronzed bodies that merged with the heads and necks of the taxi passengers.

Success in the capital led to the campaign being widened. Mixed responses increased publicity. Media Week loved the ‘cheeky idea’ and ‘powerful execution’, but Bath and North East Somerset Council initially refused to allow the campaign to run, later conceding: “The advertising covers the bare essentials of our licensing requirements”. Overall the campaign resulted in a 40% increase in booking enquiries.