Harris Whisky – label design

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In starting The Harris Whisky Company, Mark Harris realised an ambition he had held for many years – to source and bottle some of the wonderful whisky, with unique characteristics, from distilleries throughout Scotland.

The Harris Whisky philosophy is simple – to select and create whiskies that can be enjoyed by as diverse a range of palates as possible. Most of their selected whiskies are single cask, single malts, bottled at cask strength, uncoloured and unchillfiltered – exactly as they come out of the cask.

Working with their existing range of bottle labels, our role was to bring more consistency and coherency to the design. In addition we were tasked with designing and producing a new label for a limited edition (100 bottles) 35 year old Glen Grant Whiskey. To reflect the rarity of this single cask malt, the design focused on maximising the opportunity for handwritten elements and allowing each bottled to be individually signed.

If you fancy treating yourself, or someone else, there are still a few available…