Going responsive with email marketing for Woodhouse

As part of Woodhouse’s broad marketing mix, we regularly create monthly email newsletters of two flavours:

  • Shaping Space, which covers inspiring projects, new products, and commentary on all aspects of urban realm design
  • Illuminate, which looks at all aspects of external lighting

Both newsletters prove to be very popular with Woodhouse’s customers and audience, and it was found that a significant proportion of their readers were opening the emails on mobile devices. Therefore it made sense to make a transition from the previous newsletter format to a responsive layout – one which adapted to meet the dimensions and size of the users device.

We took the existing designs for the newsletters and looked at the most crucial elements that were essential to provide the best possible experience for readers. The three primary steps in this process were:

  1. Use a single column layout, allowing the content to work with the space to provide an email that was easier to read and engage with
  2. Change the size of the links and buttons to make them stand out, and most importantly, easier to tap on a mobile
  3. Test the designs across as many different types of devices and email applications as possible to ensure their viewing compatibility