Fibre To The People – the broadband revolution begins


Rural West Oxfordshire suffers from exceptionally slow broadband speeds compared with urban areas.

With the backing of a grant from the Government’s Rural Community Broadband Fund, Cotswolds Broadband, with Hugo Pickering (CEO of Cotswolds Broadband Limited) at the helm, is on a mission to address this.

The plan is to bring broadband, via fibre optic cable, directly to premises (homes and businesses) in the area without using any of BT’s infrastructure.

The brief to develop an identity with a campaign focus to help generate awareness, demonstrate demand and in turn help draw in additional private investment to make the project happen.

The creative strategy deliberately avoids leading with technical elements/features of fibre optic broadband, in favour of leveraging the ‘cause’ aspect of the venture with a more emotionally engaging identity. Based on the statement ‘Fibre To The People’ (a play on Fibre To The Premises – FTTP – a key part of what Cotswolds Broadband is seeking to deliver), the campaign-led identity draws inspiration from the Russian avant-garde movement of the early part of the 20th Century and the strong poster art of the same era.

The identity is fresh off the press and currently being implemented across a variety of channels.

To get involved and help make faster connections a reality, register your interest here.