F.Hinds Gift Finder



Family-run jewellery firm F.Hinds is a well-established fixture on the British high street, with over a hundred branches around the UK.

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Having been working on F.Hinds store brochures and point-of-sale marketing for nearly a decade, mark-making* was in a strong position to help take the F.Hinds marketing strategy to the next level.

mark-making* built the F.Hinds Christmas campaign around the slogan We have a gift for making Christmas special. This message was conveyed consistently across all media, both on and offline.

At the heart of the campaign is a redesigned store brochure with a new, clearer layout; jewellery is sorted by style (e.g. eternity rings) rather than by type of metal to make it simpler for customers to find what they’re looking for.

The main digital element of the campaign is the F.Hinds Gift Finder, a bespoke Christmas website which allows users to search over a thousand hand-picked Christmas gift ideas. Shoppers can base their search on who it’s for, the type of gift or price range, then use the “Make it special” option for extra inspiration. If site users spot something they would like for themselves, they can use the “Nudge a friend” button to send a quick email about it, or post it directly to their Facebook profile.
To help drive traffic to the microsite and ultimately the new e-commerce site, the campaign is supported by emails and banner advertising.

Since going live on the 1st November, the Gift Finder site has received over 10,000 unique visitors and both pages viewed and pages per visit are well above industry standard.