Enhancing the PayStream promise of support with a website redesign

paystream website 2013

When PayStream came to us for a website redesign, the primary goal was to enhance their brand promise of support by making their website easier to understand, providing more logical navigation and delivering more information. This also meant bringing their branding more up to date as the previous website mixed elements of their old and new branding.

The site needed to be optimized better for conversions, so we looked at how a restructure with more effective call to actions could increase the conversion rate, turning more visits into enquiries.

We provided new content and copy for the website, as well as making the most of the content that was already there. This would help enhance their SEO strategy to bring a greater amount of organic traffic to the site. The other aim of the new content was to make the website more informative so that more visitors could get the answers they were looking for, reducing the load on their customer service department.

With the new content, combined with the updated branding, we helped the PayStream website become a go to destination for people looking for information regarding their industry, furthering their reputation as being thought leaders.