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Canary Care

For independence and peace of mind

Website redesign repositions home tech product to appeal to a broader consumer demographic and boost sales.

The challenge

The purpose of Canary Care is to give elderly people independence for longer in their own homes, without feeling their privacy is being compromised (the system has no microphones or cameras). As a preventative product it is often bought too late, when the elderly person has already encountered a crisis situation. Our task was to situate the Canary Care purchase decision much earlier on in the journey of caring for older relatives.

The solution

The existing site focussed heavily on the complex problems Canary Care tries to solve. Important issues – but the balance of information was limiting Canary Care to a very specific audience type and came at the cost of clear product information. It was a real barrier to sales.

We turned this on its head, making the technology easier to understand and evolving Canary Care’s positioning to talk to a wider audience. Elevating the smart home tech aspect subtly shifted Canary Cares focus without losing its purpose. This new positioning centred on solutions was also our vehicle for much more positive, upbeat messaging.

Canary has grown up and needed to show its customers and potential customers the great work it has been doing recently. Our previous website was a little tired and needed an overhaul. mark-making* took us through a really thorough process of examining our proposition and how we expressed that to our audience, and indeed who our audience was. The creative process was constructive and challenging, as it should be, and we have completed that process with a brilliant new website with an updated and better focused brand and story to tell our audience. We are now using this new platform to drive new revenue streams for the business and stronger engagement with our customers.

Stuart Sheehy Managing Director – Canary Care Ltd

The results

The new website makes it easy to quickly understand what Canary Care does, how it helps and why buying it now is a good idea. More than that, it gives visitors the sense that Canary Care does care, and makes a real difference to quality of life for the people who use it.
The Canary Care website is in development right now and we’re confidently looking forward to hearing how it’s redesign has made a positive impact on sales.