Bliss Flowers website design

Bliss layout_v3_1500

Bliss Flowers is a local business that came to mark-making* in need of a simple, clean website redesign with responsive capabilities. The result is an uncluttered visual experience, leaving plenty of breathing space for stunning photography.

The Bliss Flowers logo was given a subtle but pointed refresh, with clean lines and a more balanced look. The muted colour palette was maintained and rolled out across the website, ensuring that the flowers take centre stage. The design was very much geared towards allowing the excellent photography to speak for itself. With a very open, contemporary layout, this design is at the forefront of a trend in brochure websites.

The home page is simple and easy to navigate. The slider shows three high quality photographs, with a logo that disappears on hover, showing the flowers in their true splendour. The testimonial and ‘about’ copy offer an understated yet professional introduction to the brand.

CSS3 media-queries were used for a cross-browser responsive experience. For browsers that don’t support CSS3 media queries, we used respond.js Polyfill. Scalable vector graphics (SVG) format was used for logos, with a PNG fallback for unsupported browsers.