Aldermore’s ‘Champion’ positioning brought to life with ‘Bank.British’

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What do you get when you mix under-serviced SMEs, disillusioned savers, and homeowners unable to get mortgages, with dedicated business finance, straightforward savings products and mortgages for creditworthy borrowers – with a dash of simmering patriotism thrown in for good measure? Answer. A huge opportunity.

In helping define Aldermore’s brand positioning, we didn’t add anything new, we simply brought clarity and focus to what already existed.

The result. ‘Aldermore: Champion of British savers, homeowners and SMEs.’

As part of bringing this positioning to life, an enterprise-wide campaign now urges customers to ‘Bank. British’. And why should they?

Because the deposits Aldermore raises through its savings accounts are lent to homeowners and small businesses. Which means whilst British savers, homeowners and companies all benefit, so does the UK economy. In short, by choosing Aldermore, as a saver, a homeowner or a business, not only can you be sure of straightforward products, exceptional service and consistently good rates, you’ll also be making a difference.