Aberthaw Works Centenary book; a piece of history






Aberthaw Cement Works has been home to cement production for 100 years, during which time the site has had three different owners. The ‘100 Years Young’ Centenary book was commissioned by the current owner, Lafarge Cement UK, to celebrate the Works and to recognise to the many people who have been involved in shaping the Works from its construction, through to present day.

The design solution was to divide the book into the three distinct sections, one for each of the owners; Aberthaw & Bristol Channel Portland Cement, Blue Circle Cement and Lafarge UK. This was achieved through the use of typography, colour and photography appropriate to each era and owner. An illustrated timeline also runs through the entire book at the bottom of each page, connecting the eras and depicting the key milestones over the 100 years.

Size/format of this piece was taken from a previous 50th Anniversary Aberthaw Works book to create a link between the two books.