Wish upon a star: our dream briefs

We’re looking forward to a break over Christmas, and in the spirit of Christmas wishes, we’d like to share our dream briefs. We get loads of opportunities to work on challenging, exciting and fulfilling briefs for all our lovely clients, but everyone has a little something they’ve always wanted to have a crack at, should the opportunity present itself.

Some of us are pretty easy to please (anything as long as it involves say, shoes… or snow!), others have quite specific ideas. If we could ask Father Christmas to tuck a mind-blowingly cool brief into our each of our stockings, the one we’ve always been wishing for, here’s what they’d look like…


Steve – Prince album cover & tour branding

As a bit of a Prince fan I have also wanted to design him an album cover, mainly because I’d get to meet him and visit his studios. I’d like to go a bit further with that and do the branding for the tour that would follow the album… then I’d get to be a roadie too :-)

Emily – Album cover & old-school CD insert

Album cover and inside design. Despite not owning many physical albums anymore… one of my fave things used to be to get that new album, ease out through the little plastic bits on the inside and devour the behind-the-scenes glimpses. Whether it be lyrics, photography, or the reflection of the story the artist was trying to tell… Still now on Spotify, iTunes – I love to look at the album/song cover and feel a little part of the music.

So many iconic designs – it would lovely to be part of one!

Food & Drink

Dan – Start-up brewery

To create a brand for a new start up brewery company would be good fun. (And not just for the launch party!)

Chloe – Mats for booze

Mine is beer mats! They’re such lovely yet quotidian objects – they get collected, played with, ripped up, involved in competitions… I love beer mats (as you can see from my Paris postcard) and I would love to write some, maybe as part of a pub takeover for a particular booze brand. (I mean, why shouldn’t a gin brand make beer mats? Gin mats! Boom.)

chloe-marshall-postcard-bigbeer mats


Megan – High street rescue

Rebrand some of the most hideous identities around to make for a happier shopping experience.

Emily – Giving traditional/historic brands a new life online

Perhaps unsurprisingly since I’ve just moved house, I spend a lot of time day dreaming (not during office hours obvs) about wallpapers and paints – in particular contemporary styles that are inspired by more traditional designs, historic archives and given a new life.

Below are some examples of brands that I think are doing particularly well, giving beautiful balances of old and new. The customer experience trajectory is reflected in so many ways through these websites. Their supporting offline collateral not only brings to life the promise on the website but is also cleverly targeted – it’s exciting to see that these niche brands (eg Little Greene; William Morris; Annie Sloan) are elevating their multi-channel experience so effectively.

Just as I love doing with furniture, I would love to dust a brand down and bring it respectively back into the 21st century.

Nic – High-end fashion

I’d love to design a high-end retail outlet – identity, store interiors, website, everything. I’m interested in how fashion brands work really hard on every little bit of the consumer experience, from being welcomed as you walk in, to leaving with that beautiful bag, or getting an exciting-looking box in the post. (Full disclosure: I am also interested in receiving free/discounted clothing from rapturously happy clients.)

Anna – Shoes

I am a shoe fiend. Anything that would get me into Tamara Mellon’s presence/wardrobe/shoeboxes would be a dream come true. Perhaps co-ordinating a Jimmy Choo photoshoot, or working on a new product launch!


Tom – Rebrand an architects’ studio

My dream brief is to rebrand an architectural firm from the Grand Designs house of the year shortlist. This is absolutely on my design bucket list! I’d love to start from the stationary through to a book promoting completed projects. Granted nothing lasts forever, but I admire the longevity and impact architecture has on our everyday lives. Creating a minimal, structured and timeless piece of design is difficult challenge, but one I’d like to have a go at.


Emily & Ali – Let it snow

Skiing and mountains. Anything to do with skiing and mountains.

Will – Alternative film posters

A series of alternative film posters for classics films. There are loads I would love to do, but these are my must-haves…

  • Die Hard
  • Lethal Weapon
  • The Departed
  • Alien
  • Predator

So there you have it – the briefs we’d like to find it our stockings this Christmas. Do you have a dream project you’ve always wanted to make a reality? Tell us about it in the comments below… maybe we can even help you make it happen!

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