Webinar: The Value of Brand Distinctiveness & How to Achieve It

The importance of standing out from the crowd remains the perennial challenge for businesses. And as meaningful and compelling product differentiation in most markets becomes increasingly difficult, what else do brands have in their armoury to drive commercial success?

In November, mark-making* co-founder Ali Williams was invited to talk to members of the Mortgage Marketing Forum on the subject of brand ‘distinctiveness’ – something that as an agency we’re passionate about.

With most marketers working hard on strategy and plans for 2022, the talk was well-timed and well-received. The good news is that if you missed it or fancy a refresher, it’s now available to watch in your own time.

Grab a brew and watch now

Alastair your articulation makes the intangible, tangible. Loved today! Top class! ❤️👊🏻👊🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

Zoe Robson, Creative Director and Global Head of Innovation, Architas

Really enjoyed the session today – thanks Alastair.

Toni Neilson, Senior Marketing Manager at The Mortgage Lender (TML)

About Alastair

Founder and Creative Director

Ali co-founded mark-making* in 1995 after graduating from Lancaster University in Marketing & Visual Arts. Ali works closely with our clients to help bring clarity to their story, and oversees the wider mm* team to ensure it’s expressed effectively, with authenticity and coherence. Ali regularly speaks on the concept of Magnetic Brands, an approach to creating and building brands that embraces the power of being more human, in pursuit of both profit and positive impact. Ali leads mark-making’s work in helping ambitious organisations of all shapes and sizes build extraordinary and enduring appeal.