Internal communications: your marketing ‘secret weapon’

Whatever marketing goal you’re trying to achieve, there’s an asset at your disposal that’ll make all the difference to your business: your people. At mark-making*, we’ve been making sure this particular gift-horse isn’t looked in the mouth for over 25 years.

Through our expertise in internal communications strategies and creative, we can help you harness the power of your employees to ‘supercharge’ your brand.

Key brand messaging: your people are your brand

You can plan the most compelling integrated campaigns and build the most engaging personality through external marketing – but without the buy-in of your employees, it can only go so far.

Your team are the living, breathing representatives of your brand. They’re the ones customers speak to; the people who deliver on the promises made in your advertising and marketing. So how do you make sure they’re saying and doing the right things to push your key brand messaging?

Bring your team with you

The trick is to keep your staff not only informed, but inspired. Or, in other words, make them feel like they don’t just understand your marketing campaign – but that they’re an extension of it. 

There are plenty of ways to help achieve this. And we use all of them at mark-making*. From old-school lanyards, booklets and staff-room posters to cutting-edge internal-chat software and cloud-based technology, we can ensure that, whatever the aim of your external marketing, your internal communications (or internal branding, as it’s sometimes known) will help you get there.

Other internal branding services we provide include:

  • Campaign launch events and presentations
  • Employee/staff engagement events
  • Campaign engagement workshops
  • Intranet comms
  • In-house campaign POS
  • Campaign uniform branding
  • Induction packs
  • Newsletters
  • Interior design
  • Signage
  • Merchandise
  • Screensavers

Your staff are your eyes and ears

The beauty of internal marketing and communications is that it can benefit you in more than one way if done properly. As well as enabling your people to actively promote your external campaigns, it also allows you to hear feedback directly from those you’re targeting – and in real-time.

We can build this employee listening capability into your overall integrated marketing strategy, so you have a more human, emotional barometer of campaign effectiveness to complement your scientific data analysis.

Expressing your key brand messaging instinctively

Alongside the more strategic, inward-facing employee branding, the ultimate goal of internal communications is to make brand ambassadors of all your team. 

By educating and inspiring them to communicate your key brand messaging in a consistent, engaging way, your employees will embody your brand over time – building credibility and authenticity that even the best external campaign can’t touch. After all, if the people that work for your brand love it, what’s not to love?

Internal communications in action