Campaign marketing that shifts mindsets

Whether you’re looking to build brand awareness, launch a product, promote a service or simply give your sales a nudge upwards, a well-considered creative marketing campaign is the most effective means of cutting through with your audience.

A B2B brand campaign agency will build B2C and B2B campaigns on a strategic foundation of rigorous research, rich insight and clear next-best actions, to make sure that your target market engages in the ways you need it to.

Piecing together the campaign strategy 

Our first question is always the same: What’s the need? The single-minded, fundamental aim of the campaign? Once we’ve defined this, we begin to develop the strategic bedrock that’ll underpin our approach. 

We consider the cultural trends around the theme we’re focusing on. We observe conventions within the category. But before any of this, we get under the skin of the people we’re talking to, so we know exactly what to say to them.

Understanding your audience

This is a crucial cornerstone of any credible marketing campaign strategy. And for a campaign to truly make a difference, it requires a look beyond the classic ‘ABC 123’ audience segmentation. 

We think about who we’re actually talking to and what they currently think about our product, feature or service. Are they aware of it? Do they already use it? Do they fully understand it? Does it affect their day-to-day? How could it improve their life?

By establishing a clear picture of the current audience mindset, we’re able to present readers with solutions to problems they’re encountering – a proven engagement technique, used by some of the finest minds in our industry over the years.

Customer before brand

This audience-centric approach is key to the success of our creative marketing campaigns. There’s often a difference between what a brand wants to say and what their audience actually needs to hear. We’ll ensure that your campaign focuses on the latter, so it strikes the right chord, at the right time, through the right channels.

Creative: breathing life into strategy

With a watertight strategy in place, the role of the creative is to turn marketing theory into reality. Our campaign creative is all about dramatising strategic insight in the most compelling way. 

We make sure it emotionally resonates and compels our audience – while sticking tightly to the fundamental ask. We focus on being bold and disruptive, but in ways that demonstrate our deep understanding of the brand. And we ensure that creative flair never comes at the expense of clarity. 

Campaigns and the bigger brand picture

We recognise that whether we’re creating a single communication, a content marketing toolkit, a brand awareness campaign or a fully integrated B2B marketing campaign, there’s a specific job to do. But in doing this, we never forget the longer-term brand value our work can add.

That’s why whatever the tactical need of a creative marketing campaign, we’ll always make sure it sits harmoniously alongside your core brand mission – enabling it to make both an immediate, positive impression and a broader, lasting one. 

B2B brand campaign agency work

Over the course of more than two and a half decades we have delivered countless highly successful campaigns. Here’s just a handful of examples. For more visit our work page: