Re-imagining Shakespeare’s Final Home

Although no building stands there today, New Place in Stratford-upon-Avon is a location of huge importance: it was the site of Shakespeare’s final home. From its purchase in 1597 until his death in 1616, Shakespeare lived at New Place, raising his children, and during that time writing some of his greatest works, including The Tempest, Hamlet, and Macbeth.

To commemorate the 400th anniversary of his death, the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust has created an exciting and innovative plan to transform the site of New Place into a unique heritage attraction. The reimagined New Place will connect people with Shakespeare the person, and the part of his life in which he was a successful writer, and family man.

With lottery funding secured, the Trust still needs to raise further funds to bring the project to fruition. mark-making* was asked to create a fundraising pack to distribute to potential donors.

Taking inspiration from the entrance gate – which will stand on the site of Shakespeare’s front door – the cover of the folder is treated to look like brushed metal. The die-cut slits imitate the design of the gate, and allow the reader to look beyond the cover to the artist’s impression that lies underneath.

Inside, a portion of Shakespeare’s will which mentions New Place is framed by text detailing the story of the site, and the project. The also contains a double-sided map. One side shows a map of 16th century Stratford-upon-Avon, and the other is printed with a present-day satellite image of the town. The recipient is invited to notice that New Place was right at the centre of Shakespeare’s Stratford, and though the town has grown, the central part has changed little, so that the 400th anniversary project will stand in the very heart of the town.

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