Favourite ads in the age of internet telly

Every now and again, a trade publication announces that a certain form of advertising is dead.

Print, radio, outdoor – they’ve all been threatened with advertising’s grim reaper, and probably will be again. It’s part and parcel with the constant cycle of innovation, the never-ending quest for something new and different, in the hopes of even better results.

The same shadow has been cast over television advertising – and on the surface, not without due cause. Results from television ads have never been straightforward, and it’s always been mute-able. Now it’s skip-able and downright avoidable for viewers accessing the content via premium or less-than-legal sources. More and more, viewers are in control of their own scheduling, using on-demand catchup services, Netflix, YouTube, and a host of others.

If we look a bit closer, we can observe that the jig isn’t quite up for TV ads just yet, and advertisers are being more savvy about what they do with the slots they buy.

The way we watch TV is changing, but as brilliantly illustrated in Emily’s Great British Bake Off article this month, the medium still presents great opportunities for advertisers and sponsors. Especially those who endeavour to put out thoughtful, relevant creative. The Freeview ads even pose conversations about the programme they interrupt, like a friend in the room analysing what’s on the box.

As you can see from some of our favourites below, the advertising world is even going meta. Acknowledging the way they stay with us (despite our best efforts, in some cases), and re-introducing retro elements from TV advertising’s heyday. They clearly remind us of what we love about them. TV ads are an institution in their own right, and will adapt with the changing times – we reckon they’ll be around for a little while longer.

We’ve gathered together a few of our favourite television ads (some old, some new) for your delectation and delight.

Do not adjust your set…

Clo – I love this ad because it draws you in immediately with something silly but intriguing (the chairs). I’ve only seen it in the cinema lately, and I think works brilliantly on the big screen as a little short story. It’s memorable and fun, bringing out the fact that Amstel has been enjoyed in Amsterdam for a long time, which reinforces its positioning as premium, imported beer. It’s sort of one giant serving-suggestion: enjoy freshly poured, outside with friends or in a nice cosy bar.

Amazon Prime:
David – I honestly cried at this advert. No reason why, just a big softy at heart

This Girl Can campaign:
Zoe – It encourages women to challenge cultural assumptions about femininity that prevent them engaging in sport and exercise. I love the soundtrack and use of extracts from Maya Angelou’s Phenomenal Women poem – it gives a great rhythm and pace to the ad. Plus, of course, the ‘real looking’ women doing their thing and loving it.

Tom – If it isn’t broken, it doesn’t need fixing right?! Budweiser have updated one of their classic ads to highlight the latest bottle design that now features screw tops. Mixed in with higher quality recording, bolder type and more upbeat music, Budweiser have successfully brought the advert back into the current campaign circuit. After all they must be doing something right, as it’s often the beer of choice come Friday afternoon with the mark-makers.

Money Supermarket:
Shannon – Money Supermarket #EpicSkeletor
Dan – I like this one because it made me laugh. It has characters from an old cartoon I grew up watching and they are acting out a scene from Dirty Dancing which is my other half’s favourite film.

Sony Bravia:
Andy – Iconic. Amazing concept, beautiful music and cinematography. And the most impressive thing is they actually did it, no CGI! 12 years on and it’s still my favourite ad.

PG Tips:
Russ – 1990 Classic

Thomas Cook:
Fran – It’s a few years old now, but was launched just after I booked a trip to South Africa, and resonated with me so much! The boy’s dance routine is literally me (and a few others I suspect) when I’m excited about a holiday, and generally just provides me with so many laughs, still to this day!

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