Miriam Thomas


Miriam Thomas

What do you do?

I’m the acceptable voice of the agency! My main work is helping our clients to communicate in a clear, engaging and consistent way across their different channels. But whilst I’m a stickler for words and grammar, I also get involved in coming up with campaign ideas. Alongside our talented Art and Design team, I help to conjure up concepts that are disruptive and give brands stand-out.

When might our paths cross?

This could happen at any stage of the creative process – from briefing to delivering. You’ll most likely see me during presentations when I’m talking you through the strategy behind key messages and inspiration behind creative uses of language.

What’s your favourite bit about working here?

To coin a phrase, it’s the people and the ethos of the place. It was immediately obvious to me when I met my fellow mark-makers that there is a genuine love of creativity and a commitment to delivering good work. It’s a recipe that makes working at the agency a pleasure. And they make a jolly good brew, too!

And when you’re not mark-making?

I’m a writer through and through, so I may well be found creating absurd characters for the sitcom I’m currently working on. Other than that, I enjoy a spot of badminton and will find any excuse for a coffee and cake with friends.


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