Anna Glynn


Anna Glynn

What do you do?

I’m the agency’s midweight copywriter. That means that I spend time getting to know your brand, before taking your brief, whatever it may be, and working with the copy team to craft writing that precisely reflects your vision and identity. I am also (for now at least) the agency’s content queen!

When might our paths cross?

Apart from an occasional pop-up appearance in a presentation or meeting, we’ll mostly only meet in person if you venture to Scribes’ Corner in the bowels of the agency. But we’ll meet virtually all the time, when you see my copy integrated into your brief.

What’s your favourite bit about working here?

Undoubtedly, the culture. And the cake (part of the culture is birthday celebrations. It’s a sad week when we don’t get to down tools and eat some of M&S’s finest creations).

And when you’re not mark-making?

Working alongside my husband to raise three boisterous children, growing food on my straggly allotment, doing up my house (7 years in and still going…) and writing novels. Oh. Also. My kitchen is my dancefloor.

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