A defining moment

The recent campaign for Jigsaw has literally stopped me in my tracks. The high end, high street clothing brand has been around since the 1970’s, and for a few years has been on my radar for being a brand that has a bigger purpose than the products they sell:

“Our designs are timeless, independent-minded and fun. We prefer not to slavishly follow fashion trends; instead we cherish the opportunity to make something beautiful, meaningful and lasting that you can wear for years.”

– Jisgsaw website 2017

It all started back in 2014 when Jigsaw made a move to centre the brand around having a social purpose as part of it’s “style & truth” ethos, but with this recent campaign they have notched it up significantly. Heart Immigration is a campaign designed to help open our eyes to the issue of immigration.

If you live in London, you may have seen the takeover in the Oxford Circus tube station which they also did on the Times website, as well as other print, social and digital activity.

The campaign hinges around this manifesto:
What interests me the most is they have been able to do this while still remaining true to their brand heritage and purpose, it doesn’t feel like they are jumping on a hot topic band wagon for the sake of selling more clothes. It feels genuine and I think they are using their voice to change people’s attitudes, reaching far further than the demographic of the Jigsaw customer. That is the holy grail in the world of brand engagement. Suddenly, people’s emotive connection to Jigsaw and what they stand for changes their overall perception of who this brand is.

To achieve this level of brand royalty takes serious work within your brand strategy. At mark-making* we call it the define stage of our DAD process, and it really is the most important part. It creates the foundations for everything you express. And it affords you the opportunity to go beyond the product or service you are selling, all the while staying true to who you are. As Jigsaw have shown us, when you really stand for something you can make a difference more far-reaching than what you do or sell. Yes, your customers love your product or service, but what they love about you the most is the change you are making.

Ultimately, that will be your massive point of difference over your competition.

Recent mark-making* projects that have done just that include Clearview and BrookStreet des Roches. If you need help with your brand strategy get in touch we live for this stuff.

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